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front end facelift (Saturday July 30th, 2005 - 20:28)

category: mmhuh?

Flu leads to boredom on a Friday night leads to realising it’s time for a facelift for the site.. it hasn’t been tested in anything bar IE and Firefox on a PC and there’s still the occasional quirk of missing pages so if you find a bug, feel free to let me know.

Tuesday night saw East for Truth at Spectrum for the free Jager Uprising night along with a groovy sounding Lovebucket and rather rocking The Shake Up (nice Bobby Gillespie-ish looking singer too).

Thursday night, bless my cotton socks, was a very nice line up at the Annandale Hotel. First up were the Whats from Brisbane, a heavy hitting duo which induced some nodding and smiles. Front End Loader drew a huge crowd and re-affirmed my love for their tunes and their on stage banter. They’re a sight to see and a sound to swoon to. Got to adore the Loader. The people thinned out for the Giants of Science (what kind of a name is that?) but they rocked on as well and I’d like to see them again, pick up their album, all that stuff.

And I just want to gush at the lighting set up at the Annandale – it really and truly is the loveliest a girl with a camera, who refuses to flash, could want.

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