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niinaI live. I sleep. I read. I write. I’m Finnish. I have a mixed up accent. I live in Sydney, Australia.

In December 2003 I moved back to Sydney after 3.5 years in London. I’m living in Surry Hills, spend my time working in the city as a Project Manager at a web design company, try to read atleast a dozen pages a day, tap my feet at local gigs and run around taking digital shots of whatever catches my eye.

I like (in no particular order) the jesus and mary chain, playing pool, digital slr cameras, fiction, non-fiction, comfortable couches, b&w photographs, my bass, my adopted guitar, my electric guitar, cows, music, large mugs of coffee, large mugs of tea, Sean Hughes, learning new things, art, F1 Grand Prix, the night, computers, highs, lows, broad sheet newspapers, ducks, Sydney, good conversation, films, going out somewhere unusual, cooking, second-hand book stores, Finland, shops that stay open late, neon phones, Leunig, Warhol’s mind, Brett Whiteley, magazines, having time to think, hot home-made breakfasts, the Marx brothers, (the concept of) public transport, Basquiat, rain, live music, Snoopy, wiggling my toes in the sun, new authors, cafes, silver, Peugeots, poetry, red wine, Barbara Kruger, clouds, boxes, seeing in the morning with a few friends and nice tunes, the internet, Doc Martens, sunsets, biographies, Gregg Araki films, the occasional boogie, empty tube trains, watching, London, unexpectedly arriving in new places, mirror balls, cool temperatures, being on my own…




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