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take me to the dark (Tuesday October 31st, 2006)

category: photography

Yesterday afternoon I finally managed to get my hands on the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens I’ve been hunting around for, so when I got home I kept the blinds drawn and shot everything around me. Pretty impressive I thought, but what about a gig?

There’s never a huge selection of gigs in Sydney on Monday nights but I saw the listings for the Hopetoun‘s Incentive Night, took a look at a few of the band myspace pages and found the strange pictures for Bingo Steve & the Magic Markers – perfect!

At the Hoey I snapped away at each of the bands. I tried out various settings, enjoyed the odd-matching sound of each of the bands, but mainly I just snapped.

Looking back at the results I’m feeling rather chuffed. The results were still rather red (thus most have been converted to black and white) but being able to get sharp shots means that once I get a bit more practice I’ll start looking at white balancing the camera at gigs that don’t have a pretty light show. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t be worth the effort. I switched over to manual focus a few times because the auto-focus wasn’t landing where I wanted it to land, and I’m still not used to the additional focus points of the 400d but they’re helpful when they do manage to light up.

bingo steve & the magic markers

The ability to focus on the useful parts of the pictures and the quality varies through-out the shots but for a first attempt with a new lens and one week old camera I think I did okay.

weather underground bingo steve & the magic markers sol levy beau monde

ps. I’ve set myself up at flickr.

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