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no flash, no songs (Sunday October 29th, 2006 - 23:32)

category: mmhuh?

Something special for a Sunday to receive a last minute phone call about a gig by one of my faves making it three times in a week-and-a-half that the Red Riders (ooh they have a new site up) have treated Sydney to a free gig. The Loft is hardly a gigging venue but it was fun to see how the other half lives (okay, I’ve been there before but it does send shivers through me each time I visit). The lights were low and red (I should have guessed) so I just took a couple for memories sake to store on the hard drive and then settled back to listen to them tickle my socks and put a smile on my face.

A couple of the best photographers in town were there anyway, armed with their flash attachments so I’m sure their beautiful pictures will be found around somewhere soon.

red riders

.. Aah I’m still smiling.

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