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kicking and punching (Wednesday September 20th, 2006)

category: tech and web drivel

[tech rant]

iTunes told me a new version was baked and ready on Monday night, did I want to download it? Sure.

Installation done, iTunes loads up and takes some time doing goodness knows what to all my mp3s but I figure I can boil the kettle and wait. I load in the new Ben Kweller album (called imaginatively “Ben Kweller”) and it sounds very nice. I click a few buttons and get to see a flipbook view of my CD covers on my screen (well, all the ones iTunes could find) and I experience a little shiver at how bizarre life is becoming while technology warps it.

As I flip along through album covers I find some scary green mutations – iTunes was trying unsuccessfully to show artwork for music video clips. Erm. Ah well.

My iPod (still in love with it) had to be plugged in (to receive Ben Kweller of course!) and my computer told me there was an upgrade for my iPod so I let that install. The result was a pretty diagram of space remaining on my iPod and a new way to setup which files are transferred to the iPod. Nice enough I think.

It was time to sleep so I left my iTunes experimentation at that.

On Tuesday at work a client was showing off her pretty little 8gb iPod Nano and there was a discussion of iTunes 7 and I found out that apparently a lot of people had been dissing it. Hmm I thought.

Tuesday night I only play a few songs off an album before retiring.

This morning as I wait for the lift I scroll through artists in my iPod and the letters of the alphabet appear to show me where I’ve scrolled to. Interesting, I’m sure that wasn’t there before. Nice touch.. but if that is new then what else have they done to my iPod without telling me?!

Having seen Mercy Arms on jtv XL on Tuesday night I decide to listen to their demos while I walk to work, which I continue to listen to again at lunch and on my walk home. With only 6 songs this means I listen to each song two or three times during the day. Back home, I plug in my iPod, fire up Audioscrobbler, and hop over to my page at to take a peak at my page and for the most recent songs it lists 6 Mercy Arms songs, and then the last JAMC song I listened to on Tuesday night. I had listened to around 15 songs during the day. What does all this mean? iTunes isn’t reporting the Recently Played songs correctly and is only recording one instance of songs played on iPods instead of all instances. Grr.

Tonight I decide to listen to random songs in iTunes and the song volumes are all over the place even though I try it with the Sound Check off and on.

Rubbish I say. Though it is free.

But hopefully a v7.0.1 won’t be too far away?

[/tech rant]

one comment to “kicking and punching”
lostmusic said on September 21st, 2006 at 6:36 am:

glad I said ‘no’ to the updates now. I always wait a few weeks before allowing my stuff to be updated.