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go google (Tuesday March 21st, 2006 - 20:26)

category: mmhuh?

The Sydney Morning Herald carried an article today titled “Website sues Google over ‘death penalty’” that made me grumble at the ridiculous state of the world.

A company is suing Google because their Web site’s ranking was removed which meant that it did not come up (or perhaps came up last) for searches related to the content on their site. So? They complain that “It’s akin to cutting off the flow of oil, communication or oxygen.” What rubbish!

Google’s search functionality is a free service. They make no promises that a Web site gets listed, let alone highly ranked, for a search. How can anyone come up with the idea of suing something that is free?

The whole stunt must be a bit of an expensive PR exercise. A company with a good enough reputation would never have to sink so low as to complain over their Google rank – everyone would be visiting them through prior knowledge of the site, word of mouth, or links from other relevant sites (which in turn would boost their ranking unless they’re doing naughty things to fake their importance of course).

SEO bugs me, people who sue over nothing bug me more [Niina wanders off grumbling quietly..]

one comment to “go google”
karl said on April 15th, 2006 at 9:45 pm:

couldn’t agree more, people are ridiculous and the world has gone mad, everyone is so willing to blame someone else for their life instead of taking a long hard look at themselves and make a change