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sometimes bigger is better (part 2) (Saturday January 21st, 2006 - 11:19)

category: mmhuh?

More computer random rambling..

My new PC was ordered this morning. Compared with my 4.5 year old companion it will have 3 times the GHz, 4 times the RAM (does anyone apart from me try to get by with only 256mb these days?!), almost 5 times the HDD space with the primary disk matching the size of my current single hard disk, a DVD burner, a TV tuner card and the ability to get my old videos converted to digital. Ah bliss. With the arrival of the monitor next week, by Friday I should have a whole new beast of a set up! But what to do with my beloved (and at times behated) Sony desktop? It might have to become a jukebox.

I apologise in advance that in a few weeks time I’ll be rambling about how to set up a home wireless network and adsl connection.

(Does anyone get the impression I haven’t been going out enough in the new year??)

2 comments to “sometimes bigger is better (part 2)”
scot said on January 23rd, 2006 at 11:21 am:

wow, you’ll never have to leave home again, I promise to bring my bands and the mercy arms, red riders and TMAG to you – we’ll turn that raised part into a stage.

Anyway, the BDO will get you out of the apartment…we’re gonna have cool times methinks.

Dan said on January 25th, 2006 at 1:12 am:

Can I play the voice of doom again? It’ll never be enough, nothing ever is.