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gigs in thunder storms (Sunday November 27th, 2005 - 15:41)

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During my recent Melbourne R&R visit it seemed that all the bands I knew the names of who were listed in the street press were playing after I was due back home so I made do with checking out a few venues and whoever happened to be on stage received my attentions. I can’t say I found anyone who stood out in particular, but the music was fine. The venues, such as the Espy, were better than fine – I want this calibre in Sydney, we’re sorely lacking. And so many free gigs all over town to choose from? Wow.

Since coming back it’s been a bit of gigging while avoiding thunder storms (summer starts in a few days but you wouldn’t guess it). Last weekend I caught Skull Squadron, the redsunband and a little of Sounds Like Sunset at the divey Mandarin Club; on Tuesday the Rex Wicked, the Duchesses and Bordello at Spectrum; Friday El Borracho (nice surfie Aus garage rock and the drummer was wearing an “Off the Hip” tshirt so full points to them) and the Mares at the Hopetoun; and last night the mighty Mercy Arms and the Morning After Girls at Spectrum.

Due to rain/sleepiness/fearofcrowds the camera hasn’t made it out as much as it should have.

Upcoming gigs that I’m trying to decide between:

Thursday Dec 1 – Mercy Arms @ Candy’s Apartment
Friday Dec 2 – British India @ Spectrum
Wednesday Dec 7 – Riff Random @ Club 77
Thursday Dec 8 – Expatriate @ the Annandale
Friday Dec 9 – Mercy Arms @ the Civic Hotel
Friday Dec 9 – the Glass Age @ Spectrum
Tuesday Dec 13 – the Morning After Girls @ the Annandale
Friday Dec 16 – Starky @ Spectrum
Wednesday Dec 21 – Phonograph and the Forgotten Army @ the Annandale
Thursday Jan 26 – Big Day Out .. ooh. Red Riders, Faker, White Stripes, Iggy and the Stooges etc etc.

So many gigs.. so little time..

2 comments to “gigs in thunder storms”
scot said on November 29th, 2005 at 1:14 am:

book me in for Riff Random, starky AND THE LOVETONES, and probably most of the others also…but only if you come and see H-block on friday nite.

heretic said on December 14th, 2005 at 1:46 am:

If you can make it, I highly recommend That 1 Guy –

He’s playing at The Vanguard on the 14, 15, 16th December. Yeah, tomorrow, etc etc.

Probably the best show I’ve seen all year. Well, equal best with VNV Nation; too different to really compare.