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i love crowds (Thursday October 20th, 2005 - 22:24)

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Blurt time..

The office has moved in to the schmitty with no method to get there on an i-don’t-feel-like-walking morning apart from ignoring my thoughts and putting one foot ahead of the other, repeat ad nauseum. When the rain’s falling and I have to duck through umbrella wielding suits it’s not much fun (I hate crowds). When the mornings warm up it’ll be less fun. Hunting a healthy and pocket-friendly lunch in the city has yet to be mastered. Finding a space to sit and contemplate nothing in particular is probably aiming too high (and the weather’s been too soggy to try yet). Ah well, atleast the new office is nice. And there’s my favourite bookshops a few minutes walk away. And the music shops. And the camera stores. And all sorts of other things to try and pry my hard earned cash from me. Hmm.

The gig count has been down but Faker put on a wonderful show on Saturday night at the Gaelic Club, handing out flowers (mine’s still clutching on to dear life), jumping about and playing their very fine tunes. The crowd was big, too big (have I mentioned I hate crowds?), and somewhat idiotic in their moshing attempts but I had a saviour whom I’m very thankful to. I felt some glee at the thought that a Sydney band of their style can draw such a mass and have them singing along to most of the tunes. Since the first time I saw Faker at Spectrum early in the year they’ve hit a chord and the Faker future is bright and sunny.
London bods – catch them in November please.

I bought my big day out ticket. Woo. My first bdo. Always meant to go, never quite made it. I still remember the colourful posters plastered around Chatswood back in 93 and friends raving about it after the fact. It’s going to be big and scary and.. crowded (yeah, I hate crowds). But I’m going to ignore all that, pretend we’re the only ones there, and have a ball.

Where have all the good bands gone? The gig listings are empty of all the faves. Has everyone ducked out for a pre-summer body-cleansing experience?

Melbourne will be treating me for 6 days in November thanks to VirginBlue’s happy hour sale. Who, what, how and all that is yet to be decided but I’ll put my money on: gigs, cafes, bookshops, meandering and a bit more gigging. 6 years between visits is too long for such a lovely town.

Christmas is planned for sheep chasing in the country side (I have no problems with a crowd of sheep).

And a final thought – those playstation portable device things are way too futuristic. If it’s not a desktop computer then I’m a technophobe (who got my first lesson in how to use a TV with Foxtel Digital today at work.. daunting!). A little screen that shows movies, and crystal clear photos and plays your music and makes you coffee is just a bit too stunning to believe. I looked at one the other week and couldn’t understand that it was real. And I’d use the excuse that I’m getting old but the person who owned it is around twice my age! Hmm again.

Keep on strumming.

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