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thunderbird swallows eudora (Monday August 8th, 2005)

category: tech and web drivel

droll techie time..

For ten years I’d been a loyal Eudora user (that’s an email program that was a full fledged bod while Outlook was just a twinkle in Microsoft’s eye). Upgrading when they put out new releases, putting up with the regular crashes that thankfully only lost the emails a couple of times. Why did I put up with it? Sentimentality perhaps. It was from the good old days. It rarely let the virus run free due to it’s simplistic nature (I ignored the Microsoft viewer since they introduced it, gimme plain text any day). It worked but it also made me not want to email. It was clumsy for someone who gets in too much rubbish. Difficult to find what I needed to find.

The other week, in one of those change-is-as-good-as-a-holiday moods (did I mention I rearranged the bedroom around the same time?), I grabbed a copy of thunderbird and this install didn’t crash on first attempt (I tried to give it a twirl last year sometime but I guess it didn’t like Win ME). It sucked in all my Eudora emails. It searched through the years of gibberish nice and quick when I was re-organising some of my folders. It encouraged me to dump a few of my old email accounts that are full of dross.

I haven’t quite got my head around it all yet. I don’t like all the separate accounts having different mail boxes but perhaps that’s just the way I set it up. The inbuilt RSS feeds seem great and I’m going to have to attack my wordpress RSS so that it behaves a little nicer. Overall it’s so much smoother than my little dinosaur Eudora. Fingers crossed it doesn’t end up chewing and spitting more than is required.

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