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addicted romantic (Saturday July 16th, 2005 - 00:03)

category: mmhuh?

Peering in to my letterbox to find a couple of home-delivery menus and a flyer for a cleaning service is common fare. The occasional bill is a thrill. Tonight I found an express post package that had to wait til I got myself inside because there’s no physical way to tear those plastic bags apart without sharp implements (teeth perhaps would work in emergency situations but I felt I could wait the 30 seconds to travel from the front door up the lift and a quick walk down the hallway).

I found a note from a friend and an unexpected present – a copy of Faker’s album Addicted Romantic. Earlier in the week I’d been checking out their new site (loving the web schtuff by mathematics) and thinking I really ought to get the album. I’ve had mp3s of Teenage Werewolf and Quarter to Three playing in my itunes and ipod shuffle for a few months. Still holding fond memories of their energetic gig at the Spectrum back in January.

The album’s been playing while I’ve been finishing up Jonathan Lethem’s novel “Motherless Brooklyn”. Stand out tracks are the two mentioned above along with The Familiar, Hurricane and the mellow-toned Love for Sale. Good power, energetic rock without going over the top. It’s not frilled up. Simple yet sounding complete. Lyrics about love and sex and cars and some do do doos and ooh la la las.

Looking through the notes at the end of the sleeve I find some song credits showing people’s surnames and a mysterious “Day” creeps in to a couple of them but I can’t find mention of who this “Day” is. Is it Simon Day again? A google search brings up him having done some solo gigs with Faker so it seems possible. Along with that little RatCat, mid 90s band Caligula’s Jamie Fonti recorded some of the tracks as well. Sweet to see the circles of Sydney music.

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