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they keep on multiplying (Wednesday July 13th, 2005 - 21:41)

category: mmhuh?

A few weeks ago a work mate gave birth to a boy, another announced she’s due in January, and early Sunday my mum left a message on my phone – “It’s a baby!” I pondered over it and solved the puzzle before returning her call but she was so excited I didn’t let on.

They’d woken up in the morning and thought the next door neighbour’s little white dog had hopped the fences. Instead they found a little lamb stumbling around in the field with the sheep. Having been disappointed last year with no baby sheep mum had thought about getting a new ram but nature had taken it’s course without her realising and the wobbly mite entered the world. By the time I spoke to her she’d already been off to buy baby bottles but apparently the lamb was doing fine and the mother being very protective. It also seemed that two others were pregnant.

Tonight another phone call – “4 lambs now and 2 sheep are pregnant!” One sheep had given birth to twins, the runt less than a kilo and only 20cm in height. The Sunday lamb has learnt to walk backwards and forwards and has taken to leaping in to the air suddenly. Wish I was out there with my camera. In a matter of days my mum will have almost doubled her flock of 7 sheep and a (very busy) ram with 6 new lambs. Aah nature.

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