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eat on the left side (Thursday June 30th, 2005 - 00:00)

category: mmhuh?

A little on the quiet side, contemplative, grumpy, randomly poorly with all sorts of illness, wisdom tooth burrowing through my cheek for the past week forcing me to swallow blood and eat on the left side, sore finger from making myself practice barre chords.. woe woe.

The surrey seaside adventure on Sunday was a pleasant afternoon of watching nice bands and I joined the seated_on_the_floor_brigade that’s taking over Sydney venues. Picked up the new Phonograph EP, Sucker in the Cool, which is a charmer, nice to hear on record what goes down so well at gigs (a few more listens and I might write something considered about the tunes). Found out that By the Sea have themselves a new web site. Enjoyed seeing the Duchesses again. A three piece Acrobat (that’s a band, not a.. well.. acrobat) sounded nice as ever under the fairy lights. The Saturns rocked.
[Edit 00:07: there I go again.. a pleasant, three nice and one rocked to describe a gig..]

Something more energetic will come from me soon but for now I’ll watch the rain continue to fall…

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