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ruby sue oo (Saturday June 18th, 2005 - 12:04)

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Thursday night I caught Ruby Sue at the Annandale oddly already on stage at 8.10pm but thankfully only midway through their first song. I’d missed seeing them a few times due to gig clashes or the call of sleep and now I’m kicking myself (though they said it was only about their 8th gig). My description abilities will fail me now but the three sexy women and a guy called jack had themselves some good structured punk-rock tunes, mainly sung by one of the girls with jack backing up. There’s one over at myspace but the sound quality doesn’t do them justice. I was slightly stunned, rather impressed. They’re playing at the Empire on Sunday, and then the Excelsior in a few weeks.

Violent Minx had energy overflow and songs to boot. More niceness. The Follow were worth a bit of a chuckle but that’s about all I could say.. too mish-mash, occasionally Cure-ish, and the megaphone.. er. BugGirl‘s duo were good but not really my type of thing, v loud and piercing. Fun to watch though.

The week before I went along to a Jager Uprising free (yay free!) gig at Spectrum. Only caught the end of View and then came along British India. The lead singer’s vocals bugged me for all except one song – he shouted his lyrics and although I don’t mind the occasional shouty song, this wasn’t done with any particular style. One slower song towards the end was actually sung and demonstrated he did have a voice, why wasn’t he using it? Anyway.. they were energetic (their guitarist was fun to watch), some of the underlying riffs and tunes sounded fine, but lyrically it was a washout. They played a nice string changing song (starting to be common practice that amongst bands which is better than silence and turned backs) but the most memorable part was one of them talking in between songs about how they’d been in Sydney recording etc and he said they’d had a “RAD” time. Sure.

It was a school night so only saw half of Strobe and they sounded nice in the Oasis/Brit-poprock stylised vein, well played, nice tunes for a Tuesday evening.

In between the above gigs I braved some railway busses and made it to Rhodes, contemplated seeing a few movies but never got around to it, puzzled over what guitar songs to learn that don’t have Bs and Fs, finally finished reading one of the numerous books I had on the go at once (Pablo Tusset – The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Croissant), decided it’s time to plan the next holiday and generally pottered about Sydney.

Oh.. and Kimi won again!

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Dan said on June 18th, 2005 at 10:19 pm:

Mmm, three sexy girls and a guy called jack, sounds cool.

(This comment written on my *new* sexy Apple Powerbook!)