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champagne flows (Tuesday May 24th, 2005 - 21:21)

category: mmhuh?

My darling Kimi did it in Monaco this time and the baggy eyes were a pleasure to wear on Monday morning. A new picture of him adorns my desktop at work so here’s hoping for more fun at Nurburgring next weekend and another celebratory desktop picture.

No gigs for a bit but some coming up soon because.. some ditzy chic from Canon left me a few messages this afternoon on my phone – the first cuts off half way through explaining my camera is ready and then there’s 20 seconds of silence; the next apologises for dropping the phone, says it’ll cost me an arm and a leg, acknowledges I want the camera sent to my work but says she doesn’t know where that is and asks if I would like to pick the camera up instead, and then ends by telling me her name and saying I should give her a call but neglects to leave her number. Err. 10 weeks I think it’s been and I can’t wait to write my complaint about their pure incompetencies. It’ll make me feel better. Truly. But first I want to see my missing dear hunk of electronics.

Guitar searching continued on the weekend this time taking an expert with me but the range wasn’t great in town and I was surprised to see Venue Music shut on a Sunday. Next weekend I’ll head out of the city for a little looking or try the Guitar Show. On the plus side my hollowbodied beaten-up guitar had it’s strings changed so since Sunday night my finger tips have been reddened but their learning to change chords (and actually make them sound like chords) without waiting for tumbleweeds to float past. The bass is getting there too..

2 comments to “champagne flows”
Dan said on May 26th, 2005 at 3:52 pm:

Jenson for Euro-GP! 😛

Your list of “books read” on the right doesn’t seem to have changed for a while – I always used to be astounded by your reading rate, but y’know what? I think I’m actually way ahead of your “12 books in 2005”. Yay, I’m reading faster than Niina!

niina said on May 30th, 2005 at 11:24 pm:

Too many other little things to do at the moment.. I’ve started on about 4 fiction but none seem to be sticking so I may need to go back to the non-fiction for a while.