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what i forgot (Saturday May 14th, 2005 - 10:56)

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Not happy to sit home on a Friday night after a topsyturvey week I skipped the MAG gig at the Annandale guessing it’d be crowded and sticky so went to the Hoey … which was crowded and sticky instead.

I got there to see International Karate – mainly instrumental meaty band, occasionally one of the guitarists did a little murmuring in to the mic but it was hard to tell if he had a voice because there was no conviction, no power, which would have topped those songs off well (but just the band jumping loud to soft to loud sounded dramatic and fine). They made little soundscapes – one song had me picturing a 6 year old kid running with kiddie-uncordination along a beach just before the sun’s rising, in that doomy half light, he’s obviously paniced… that piece was perfect to watch that on film.

the redsunband‘s threesome have been raved to me a handful of times and were my reason for choosing the Hoey last night. Very lovely in a kind of 70s/90s mesh of a pretty girl on guitar/lead vocals and another on tambourine/keyboards, a cute boy on drums, and a threesome harmony. I felt they needed a better PA to cater for their sound and now checking out some of the clips on their site it’s downright obvious they sounded nowhere near as they should. There were bits of the VU, Mazzy Star, and overall a little on the sleepy side for my Friday night so I scarped off a little before they finished leaving the very happy crowd to it.


I’ve missed mentioning Peregrine the other week whose lyrics gave me a tickle and their style left me stunned. The crowd got up to dance to their faster songs and by the end they were dancing to everything. A fun version of ‘Walk on the Wild Side’, beautiful songs, and just general happiness – nice gig.

Phonograph as usual were lush on the nth time I’ve seen them now.

There’s been a handful of others but they can wait for another day..

The Canon people are due to get a very grumpy letter from me next week (ie. I’m still camera-less).

Tonight I think it’s back to the Hoey for Modern Giant but maybe it’s time for a film before hand..

And a big www happy birthday to my big bro for last Monday.

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