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wednesday degree-ing (Wednesday May 4th, 2005 - 23:49)

category: mmhuh?

Gigs at the Spectrum are either hard-to-breathe or way too spacious (and it’s not a very big place). Being a Wednesday it was the latter.

Todd Sparrow weren’t much.. in the lead singer’s words “I never remember songs, especially my own ones” which kinda adds to the summation that there’s not a lot to grasp. And I do feel a guilt when I don’t catch on to bands but there just wasn’t anything there. All that talk of albums past and upcoming… how?!

Degrees K on the other hand, who I tried to see once and they piked on their own gig and I missed a few times due to other gig clashes, were quite fine. A song about the E chord? Niice. They were hot in a Wednesday sense despite the lack of crowd. Guitar. Bass. Drums. A few more catchy tunes but atleast they had a few! They were fine. The bass player looked like he wanted to have, and was having, naughty things with everyone in the mediocre crowd. They were rock. There’s a making of something. They’re not the finest in my mental note of bands, but they were ok. Ones with another chance.

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