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giggy up (Saturday April 23rd, 2005 - 14:05)

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The Roxbury in Glebe is a nice enough pub-cum-bar with a room upstairs for gigs that feels a bit like a rehearsal studio. Acrobat up first sounding swimmingly lovely and Static had a new twist with the intro being played out from a mobile phone (someone has too much time on their hands!).

Phonograph‘s Jesse thumped his drums with vigour causing his mike to fall on top of him a few times mid-song but their set was the best I’d seen of them so far, sounding solidly good. I just wish I knew the name of the song that has the lines “bang bang” and “she wants to rock’n’roll all night”.. it rocks toes. Unoriginal Man was stunning.. this trio are seriously one hot lot. Should I stop gushing? Okay.. til next time.

Outfit did nothing for me and the emptying room means people were thinking about the school night aspect of a Thursday night. All power to the bands who keep the working bees out late on Thursday nights.. that’s the sign of genius. A rollercoaster week at work switched my school night care off and the night degenerated from there…..

Friday I suffered at work not just from a sore head but from the chuckles of work mates at my dishevelled state. But hell, it was worth it, and being a Friday the end of the day was set aside for playing a few lazy games of pool (and more making fun of niina.. hrmf)..

@newtown surprised me – I was expecting some sort of dingy old RSL but instead it was all flash and spruce. The venue room was massive, decked out with light shows going off on the walls and plenty of comfortable armchairs – odd set up for a gig but so very sweet for a weary bod. The stage itself was large, a good sound system, and lighting that beats the Metro’s!

arcsolo played to a seated crowd but they refused to let that phase them. Snuggled down in an armchair it felt like I was watching a big tv screen and they should have had a big bouncing crowd just out of camera view. The lead singer dancing about the stage, a guy working with a Sony Vaio and various twiddles and knobs, and a guitarist behaving himself on the side. Strange beats, great vocals, the prettiest riffs, boogie music of the intelligent sort.

Brisbane band the Scare‘s 6 members filled the stage leaping about madly in punk rock style, the lead singer climbing up the speaker stack to let loose some lungfulls of noise and encouraging the crowd to stand up. Entertaining, but I couldn’t hear any stand out tracks.. my sore head could be to blame.

Headliners the Morning After Girls provided a bit of a patchy effort. At the start of the set they sounded unfortunately rigid, then a few songs seemed to come out slower than normal, notes went a little awry. Chasing Us Under came through quite nicely, and apart from some microphone distortion on Hi-Skies it remains one my favourites (having disliked it the first time I heard it). I’m being overly critical, they blitz the majority of bands out there at the moment, their EPs rock, they’ve been awesome the other times I’ve seen them, and last nights effort was still so much more than most could dream of.. but something was missing in them @newtown.

My camera-pining increased on Thursday seeing the Boud’s new baby and the great missed opportunities at @newtown.. never mind.. soon.. soon I say.

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Dan said on April 27th, 2005 at 7:40 am:

(I’ll say it so you don’t have to): “poor Kimi”

(sorry, if you’d said it then it would be “my poor Kimi”)