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rock-it (Sunday April 17th, 2005 - 12:15)

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Saturday night it was over to the Annandale.

Have their schooners got smaller or am I just confused after the handles and pints in Wellington? Hmm. My ears were ringing at the end of the night.. the sound was L_O_U_D.. seeing songs from the forthcoming Live at the Annandale DVD on the big screen that came down infront of the stage between sets was a nice sales idea – I’m keen to get it, the footage, sound and band choice look impressive. And a big head nod to the fact that they used the full set of lights throughout each band, instead of lazy-basic-lighting for support bands that most venues do.

When I arrived the Luke Perry Heartbreakers were already up on stage doing their thang, seemingly a late addition to play from doors opening at 8 to 8.30. Tuneful, very energetic playing, taking the stage and thumping it hard. They should be on the bigger stages in the blink of an eye (I’m just assuming they haven’t been because they barely show up in web searches).

Up next my third chance at seeing Phonograph – a little subdued at the start of the set and the vocals weren’t breaking through the sound on the first song, later a few guitar glitches, but overall they delivered well, had people dancing along to their blur-ry/pulp-esque/poppy bits. Looking forward to their next release… Unoriginal Man and Black and Blue on their current EP are lovely but I’d like to hear more recorded.

Starky followed making my toes tap to Saturday Night, Sunday Morning and Girl Talk but it felt like something was missing during the rest of the set. When I saw them at the Gaelic Club last year they were better, and the lead singer’s solo acoustic set at Troy Horse blitzed both performances… strange. Definitely still on my list to see again and I should get something on record.

The night wrapped up with Betchadupa but they didn’t really get my attention in any way. I baled out I guess halfway through, a little sleepy still from my holiday, but the other three bands made it a very enjoyable night… good selection of supports!

No photos because my main Canon is still off at the hospital being repaired to the tune of lots of money. My little Canon doesn’t do dark gigs too well (but the NZ pics have turned out okay, thankfully).

Nice news gathered from the Phonograph boys is that they’re playing on Thursday at the Roxbury in Glebe (a new venue to check out!) with one of my other current favourite bands, Acrobat, whose Static has been playing in my iPod shuffle and in my head regularly.

Friday I’m off to see the Morning After Girls on their return from sxsw play @ newtown (another venue I haven’t been to before).

2 comments to “rock-it”
Genek said on April 18th, 2005 at 10:17 am:

Hey there –

Gene here – guitarist from the luke perry heartbreakers – nice to see your postiive comments on the web this morning – appreciate your honesty and we are glad you like the short set we had –

– were you the girl out front taking photos -? if so – that makes much more sense to me now – ….

great website you have here –

thanks again

portek said on April 19th, 2005 at 11:34 pm:

welcome back bub!

see you at the roxbury on thursday then?! Outfit are headlining, Acrobat in the middle and Phonograph up first.

… someone with really good taste must have had a hand in that line-up 😉

CP oxox