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broom zoom vroom (Monday February 28th, 2005 - 22:39)

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Saturday night it was to the Hopetoun again to make do with it’s rough lighting to watch the lovely and adorable Lamento Suite. Rocking. Soothing. The drunken homeless lot were so far in to the sound that everyone else unfortunately stood a bit of a way back but apart from the fear of one of them leashing out or jumping on stage it was a very enjoyable set.

The Chronics again sounded fine but just not my sort of thing..

I was oddly subdued, hadn’t slept well on Friday night, and couldn’t make myself wait around for the Forgotten Army even though I’d been told they were ones to watch.

On Sunday morning, after yet more sleeplessness, I wandered off to the Rocks to reach Hickson Road Reserve at about 7.45am where a few hundred people were gathered watching a big tv screen and hovering around a marquee below which sat last year’s BMW WilliamsF1 FW26 – I was strangely disappointed because I was expecting to see the FW27 but goodness only knows why I would have thought it would be on show for all it’s secrets to be stolen. Hm. Brains work in strange ways and work has had me learning the differences between the two vehicles so in the end I was just proud to know straight off that it wasn’t what I was expecting. But it was a real F1 car. Woo!

The ten broadcast started and we knew that Mr Webber was on the top of that bridge chatting away and his car was sitting waiting. At 8.10am the tv’s sound dipped down and we heard the roar of his machine scoot along the bridge, and on screen we watched it turn and heard the zoom come back again. Huh? I thought to myself. I, again brain oddness, thought he’d just drive across once and that would be it. But back and forth he went gaining confidence in spinning the car around at the end of the straight and crossing over again. Considering we were so far below the bridge, and his speed was half racing speed, the engine noise stunned me. A real race? My goodness, it’d rattle your ribs!! The sound and the crowd cheering got me clapping along and beaming forgetting the sleepiness. Wow!

At 9am Mark came down for a short interview under the marquee and then he walked along signing anything and everything as did the gorgeous Sam Michael. What I would do to have my own little F1 team shirt with my name embroidered on to it. Aah. To travel the world working with the makers and drivers and planners behind those stunning machines. Mmm. Rock’n’roll or F1? Either thank you.

one comment to “broom zoom vroom”
heretic said on March 1st, 2005 at 11:49 pm:

hmmm, well if you went for F1 you could listen to rock’n’roll in between races…. 🙂

i think my jealousy of F1 peaks when they race the cote d azure (i’m sure my spelling is atrocious).