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change of venue (Wednesday February 23rd, 2005 - 21:27)

category: mmhuh?

The next few gigs (that I’m intending to hit) are back at the old buildings..
Expatriate on Thursday at Spectrum who I’ve heard good things about;
the Spazzys on Friday at Spectrum (but it’ll probably be a squishy gig.. I don’t like squishy gigs.. hmm) because I’ve kept missing them since I saw them the first time in May and they put on a tight show;
and then the week’s chocolate topping, the Lamento Suite at the Hopetoun on Saturday cause they’re so darn hot.

But then I might try some other venues I haven’t peeped in for atleast 5 years..
Phonograph at the Excelsior on Friday March 11 but a friend’s playing at Bitchfest at the Marquee which I think is on the same night – it’ll be Bitchfest unless I can do both;
April 2 it’s Bright Eyes at the Metro for a pre-birthday oldvenue-newtimes look;
what else was there? hmm.

I’ve told mr lostmusic to check out Wolfmother on March 5th at RoTA (for free.. I miss that lovely little Saturday afternoon venue perfect for the pre-gig gig) or March 8th at Cargo in London town (sniff) because everyone says they rock and the annoying thing is if he goes he’ll have seen them live before I have (though I saw the singer hop up with the Midnight Juggernauts, it’s not the same thing). And I’ve told him to keep an eye out for vanlustbader who are heading that way in April. (did I put enough links in this paragraph, huh, did I?)

Mark Webber‘s driving over our little coat hanger on Sunday morning at 8am so if I brush the sleep out of my eyes I’ll be down there seeing what’s what. It’ll be my first sighting of a formula 1 car.. can you believe it? I’m still jealous of my big brother being allowed to go and be photographed in Keke Rosberg‘s car when it toured around Finland in the mid 80s, and he’s going to the Melbourne race this year. I’m saving my cents now for 2006. I’m not missing out again. [grumble grumble grumble]

2 comments to “change of venue”
Dan said on February 25th, 2005 at 9:23 am:

Mwah ha ha ha ha… ha…. haaaa!

Trev (nee Retoxed, nee lostmusic) said on March 6th, 2005 at 12:59 pm:

saw wolfmother. mmmmm. non-plussed. I hear Led Zepplin. I hear Black Sabbath. I even hear a hint of Deep Purple. I hear a tight band. I hear 1973. Not sure they are for me.

On the plus side. The other band on were called viva voce. They were good. A boy and a girl. Boy on drums,voice,keyboard and guitar – occasionally all 4 at once. Girl on guitar and voice. Nice stuff.