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quarter to closer (Sunday January 30th, 2005 - 13:57)

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So where did I leave off?

Last Saturday night I went on to Spectrum to see ex-Sydney, now Melbourne, band the Fangs who looked nice and sounded very tight. A week later I can’t recall any particular high-lights but there weren’t any low-lights so that’s okay.

Mark Bradshaw up next – an eccentric vocalist accompanied by three violins and a cello. He did a bit of Morrissey-esque prancing and arm waving and the sound was gorgeous… a stand out between two rock bands but not really what I was after. Another night maybe, another line up.

Finally Faker whose name I knew but didn’t think I’d heard any songs from. As they blasted along in energetic rock’n’roll form I recognised Quarter to Three (download from their site), Teenage Werewolf (download from and a couple of other tunes. Fine stuff for the ears on an unplanned Saturday night.

Drinks Monday at the Youth; working from home on Australia Day but watching the Roulettes fly past my balcony; drinks Friday at work with a few games of pool, then one at the Youth, my first venture into the Clare hotel (interesting crowd), popping our heads in to the Arthouse on Pitt St before settling in to the Century Tavern to while away the hours.

Saturday went to see my second Jude Law film in a week, Closer, a painful story set in London about 2 couples trying to demonstrate their straying loves for each other and wanting to take what they can’t and shouldn’t have. Confusion, betrayal, living lies, and making sense of feelings (is it fear of happiness or the chance of another being the real thing that makes one stray?). The execution of movement from one year to another could have been done a little better – I can understand it working in a play but on film it seems clumsy. Perhaps that’s the point. Clumsy relationships. Clumsy movement of time. People absorbed in the same problems for years on end when it relates to the heart, drawn out hope that things will be resolved for the better. Some fantastic scenes in there, great acting.

In other things.. I’ve decided I should check out as many venues as possible this year. There’s quite a few that have opened since I last lived in Sydney so I should stop relying on Spectrum, the Annandale and the Hopetoun. I need some more pointers towards good Sydney bands – bass, drums, guitars and vocals with a song or two that can really stick in your head and bug you afterwards is all I want.

I’m trying to stick to Firefox as my browser of choice but the RSS feeds bug me – is there any way for it to show a different icon or highlight new items? It doesn’t seem to keep track of which ones have been viewed – grr.

4 comments to “quarter to closer”
Dan said on February 1st, 2005 at 5:05 pm:

Great Faker photos in the gallery, especially that first one.

A couple of gigs are coming up by friends bands that you might want to check out. Acrobat are playing this Wednesday night at Candy’s Apartment in Kings Cross. They’re also playing on the 9th Feb at the Hopetoun.

Also you should check out elmo’s band who are reforming for a once off gig at Spectrum on the 10th Feb.

And two of my fave bands, Mess Hall and The Cops are playing together at The Annandale on the 12th Feb.

Dan said on February 2nd, 2005 at 11:22 pm:

I find myself almost unable to watch Jude Law any more. It happened after I saw The Talented Mr Ripley on TV recently. I just… I dunno, he kinda sends a chill down my spine, he always seems to have the sort of coldness about him. I _think_ it’s not just that he’s such a pretty boy and I’m secretly jealous as hell of him, it seems to me that there’s not a lot to his acting. That said, from what I remember of it I did love Stalingrad.

I’m trying to use Firefox as well, but experiencing similar problems – not with RSS, but with bulletin boards runing the Discus system, like – they have this little “NEW” icon for posts that have new comments since you last visited, but for some reason on Firefox those icons remain the same every time you go back, so you have to compare dates/times instead which is just too much like hard work. So I’m back with IE (actually 50% IE/50% Firefox)

retoxed(nee lostmusic) said on February 6th, 2005 at 8:34 am:

sorry, just have to say. We BEAT the bloody ENG**SH. Hurray!

portek said on February 7th, 2005 at 11:26 am:

Hi Niina. Great to meet you the other night. Great shots of Faker and Acrobat. They make me pine for my lost camera.

Might see you for the Acrobat + Somewhereinsummer + By the Sea gig at the Hoey on Wednesday?