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straight thru you (Saturday January 22nd, 2005 - 18:50)

category: mmhuh?

The weekend had a slow start.. all too late Thursday out drinking with a friend at our local made for a hazy Friday at work and a night on the couch watching tennis and falling asleep to a Finnish film on sbs about arson and stealing cars and neo-nazis (or did I dream that?).

Time for another attempt at a weekend without dramas or foot-in-the-mouth moments. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll no longer read my woes of trying to find the morning after girls EP because Red Eye finally had it in stock. Bit disappointed the video clips are different to the ones shown on Rage but they’re very nice looking.. one has a produced by Simon Day credit – got to be the RatCat legend I guess which would explain his presence at the gig in December.

Hi-Skies has hit me as a stunning raw belter of a song even though when I saw it live I felt it sit slightly uncomfortably in the set. Other favourite from the EP is Always Mine with it’s Oasis-ish undertones and big guitars. The first EP has been getting fair play at home as well with Straight Thru You suckering me in with it’s tambourine frenzy.. bit Primal Scream-ish really, nicely structured to get you grooving, and the sleepy Hidden Spaces.

Their website’s got a new look and made off with those annoying free-hosting ads – check it out and get along to the (Saturday!) gig on February 12 at the ever faithful Spectrum.

Went to see the movie Alfie because the ads on tv made it look like a comedy. It definitely made me chuckle but ouch it tore at the heart a little bit too; it’s almost made in halves: the first flies along in madness, irresponsibility and peculiar moments while the second is all too sobering and real.

Now for the rest of the weekend…

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