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deeply dippy (Monday January 10th, 2005 - 20:06)

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It started on Friday night when my computer did it’s yearly heart attack and died on me for a few hours, refusing to boot up, refusing to get in to safemode, but unlike the last 4 or so times I managed to breathe some life in to it and revived it without any loss of data. So I’m now having to re-consider my recent decision to buy a fullsize fridge-freezer in the next 3 months and think about a new PC instead… and it continues still…

  • Saturday I went to catch the train 10 minutes down the line but track work was going on so I had to use the railbusses.
  • the hardware store was further from the station than I imagined.
  • the hardware store didn’t have what I wanted to check prices of (but I did spend two hours wandering around looking at lovely power drills and shiny things).
  • the supermarket didn’t have all the ingredients for my three cheese ravioli so I had to trek to another one.
  • I realised I was locked out with the groceries. Waited 40 minutes for the locksmith and forked out $132 for him letting me back in to my place (on the plus side, it took him numerous tools, a drill, a new barrel and an hour to break in so it felt like I got value for my money and someone called him from next door after seeing his van out front to give him his next job).
  • I’d meant to treat myself to a film in Newtown but feeling stupid and having a late dinner I stayed in on Saturday night.
  • Sunday I went to Ted’s Camera Store to cheer myself up with 10 free prints but their computers were down so they couldn’t do any processing.
  • I spent forever wandering around Borders and then Kinokuniya looking for new books to add to the stack but only found one (but it was an older Tim Parks novel called “Destiny” that I’ve meant to read for a while).
  • I measured up my bedroom for the wardrobe I’ve been wanting for 3 months and realised my room was 10cm too short.
  • Monday morning the guy who was going to take away my “newest person” title at work called in unwell (I’ll lose the title tomorrow then).
  • Our websites and mailserver were playing yoyo most of the day.

I’m sure there were a few others but that’s the majority. Happily one of my workmate’s came back to work today after a rather eventful holiday in Thailand over Christmas and New Years (and the tsunami in between), one of my new projects was signed off which happens to be about my favourite lalaa sport, my leftover ravioli tasted divine for dinner tonight and it’s now time to put my feet up and relax.

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Dan said on January 15th, 2005 at 12:50 am:

Bummer, I have just about pulled myself out of 2 months of luck like this (famous last words…) it sucks so much. Still, it could have been worse. It could have been you in Thailand. At stressful times such as this I like to remember Deborah Spungen’s litmus test “is anybody going to die as a result of this?” No? It isn’t worth getting worked up over then.