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2005 (Monday January 3rd, 2005 - 18:03)

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The new year ticked over for me celebrating with a few friends and a few of their friends in Elizabeth Bay checking out some of the fireworks across Sydney harbour. It wasn’t a late one for me but on the way home I bumped in to a friend so stopped in at his place for a chat and then when I continued my way home I bumped in to an ex-workmate and a few of his friends. Very pleasant start to the new year!

Sydney fireworks 04 to 05)

I checked out some of the stocktake sales and got the hand blender (with numerous choppers and attachments) that I’ve been wanting for a while – banana smoothies and healthy dips (tomato, cucumber, chives, natural yoghurt and lemon juice… mmm!) are the foods of choice at the moment.

My mother drove over to Sydney today dropping off a few more boxes of things I’d had stored at her place while I was in the UK – I’ve been re-united with my cow shaped toastie maker! She also brought along a new set of plates because I’ve lived with three mis-matched plates for the last year (!) and an ironing board so I no longer have to do the ironing on the floor. Yay!

It had been almost a year since she visited me here in Sydney, after which all my things from the UK arrived, so we discussed the various things I need to get done in my apartment like book shelves, wardrobes, a proper fridge/freezer (the bar fridge’s freezer compartment keeps ice cream nice and soft but isn’t exactly useful for freezing things) and first up it looks like we’ve decided how I should build a nice partition between my loft-ish bedroom and the hallway.

2005 – the year for inspiration leading to renovation and beyond.

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