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sunshine lollipops (Thursday December 23rd, 2004 - 18:29)

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It’s a funny country this one – looking at the abc‘s weather page to see how stupidly hot it will be in the countryside tomorrow, yesterday’s temperature and rainfall details are as follows:

Minimum: Charlotte Pass, NSW 1.0°C
Maximum: Marble Bar, WA 44.0°C
Rainfall: South Johnstone, QLD 72.0mm

The year’s almost over.. I got back to Sydney just over a year ago and moved back in to my apartment in January. I’m still yet to get a proper wardrobe (but I know the sort I’m getting.. I just need to purchase some power tools, set aside a weekend and kidnap someone with a car) and I’ve decided on the bookshelves I intend to attach up my walls as soon as I figure out if they’ll stay and not make the whole building collapse around me. In the mean time I’ve enjoyed my lovely comfy couch and arm chairs, put up some fun railings for a hat and coat rack, and installed some shelves on the kitchen wall.

I spent 8 months as a web developer in Surry Hills before the company moved to the edge of Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. Now I’ve just passed the 1 month mark getting back to being a web producer in my lovely new job in a fantastic converted factory building in Glebe (I’ll quit gushing now).

I’ve seen some stunning bands like the Morning After Girls, Ben Kweller, Modern Giant, the Spazzys and Front End Loader. Not quite as many gigs as intended but next year I’ll get out there some more now that life has settled down to a happy pace.

My 32nd book for the year should be read in the next few days and favourites from this lot go to: John Fowles the Collector; Mikael Niemi Popular Music; Liz Jensen the Ninth Life of Louis Drax; Patrick Neate the London Pigeon Wars; Tom Robbins Skinny Legs and All; Lars Saabye Christensen the Half Brother; Jonathan Lethem the Fortress of Solitude.

I bought my ever so neat Canon EOS300D and I’m making some progress in learning to use it. Hours have whittled away wandering about town snapping shots and I’ve been stunned with the printed results (currently in frames that have yet to be attached to the walls).

I meant to get out of Sydney a little more but all that consisted of was one trip to the countryside (and another one tomorrow). However I have walked around Sydney a lot more and discovered parts of it I hadn’t seen before.

Some friends have moved to Sydney, I’ve caught up with people I used to know, and made new friends to sit around blathering nonsense with for hours on end.

My pool game has picked up, Kimi disappointed me in the F1, and I [cough] started to enjoy the rugby.

All up a nice 2004, setting the way for a fantastic 2005.

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