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naked in the city (Thursday December 23rd, 2004 - 20:05)

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This morning, watching sunrise over breakfast, they discussed someone’s question about whether their male neighbour doing the gardening in a g-string was breaking the law.

There’s a distinct nakedness creeping in to Sydney. Bondi beach has had the topless bathers since ever I can remember, beaches and nakedness just sort of seems to happen in Sydney. Some people are bothered, the majority are not.

In my recent lunches in Victoria Park I’ve noticed the topless femmes baking belly-up by the pool while kids are having their swimming lessons.

To top off the nudes, on an afternoon last weekend walking home through Hyde Park I noticed a couple of half naked women soaking in the rays. They were lying on their fronts atleast but perhaps they’d just flipped over before I walked past.

I’m not a prude. I don’t personally mind that people are naked in public, maybe it’d be a happier world if everyone got a bit naked more often. I just wonder what some parents might feel to whom nakedness is sacred and flesh is being flaunted in public places.

By the way, apparently the person who wrote to sunrise can file a complaint with the police to investigate. Most likely the neighbour would get charged but that depends on what the locals tend to consider to be acceptable behaviour. I just hope he wears gloves and is very careful while pruning the roses.

one comment to “naked in the city”
Dan said on December 28th, 2004 at 12:30 am:

Hey, let it all hang out, that what I say.

A friend of mine, David, took part in one of the May Day protests in London a few years back. He met some (naked) people who were protesting for the right to be naked. He decided to join them, and got his kit off. He was then approached by somebody who worked for Puma’s ad agency, and asked whether he would do an ad for them. They filmed him walking naked (except for a pair of Pumas) across London Bridge in the rush hour, walking against the tide. He said it was really fun – all these people stumbling into work in the morning who only noticed him when they were about two feet away and then jumped out of their skin.

I dunno whether the ads were ever shown anywhere, but they did run a feature on them, including pictures of David’s walk, in one of the men’s mags, GQ or something. Pretty good result from an anti-capitalist demo 🙂 (he got to keep the trainers as payment).

BTW, hope you’re having a happy happy seasonal thingy.