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wanted: tlc (Thursday December 16th, 2004 - 21:33)

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Yesterday our work lot went off to Kartatak in Arncliffe to do some racing around to celebrate the nearing conclusion of 2004.

Thanks to their not having our lunch ready we got to hop in the go-karts for two ten minute practice sessions in groups of 7. The handling was difficult at first and we were told to really attack the steering wheel but each time I was picking up speed someone would come and thump in to the back of me. I was the cause of amber lights flashing 3 times in the first warm up, twice in the second, sitting in my kart feeling silly and apologising when the guys had to drag my wheels out from under the barrier tyres.

It took some getting used to throwing the kart about and towards the end of the warm ups I realised that the faster you go the easier it is to get around corners. Rubber flying in my face, tyres screeching, and hands aching from yanking the wheel, it came time to sit down and enjoy lunch.

After lunch we got in teams of three (and one of two) and took part in an 80 lap race with pit stops. Lots of cheering and laughing as people drove round and round swinging in to tight spots to get through and get in front. My first stint was going okay, I managed to only get lapped by one person until the last few laps where I guess exhaustion was setting in and a few more people flew past.

Time to catch breath and check out the timings and too soon I had to get back behind the wheel. I got shunted hard in to the tyres again and after a few laps my arms didn’t want to work anymore. I’d go straight on at the hairpins and have to slam on the breaks to gently finish the curve. On simpler left and right turns the back of the kart went skidding off with a mind of its own. I had to signal to the next driver in my team to say 1 more lap to pit stop because I knew I’d end up crashing of my own accord if I kept on any longer.

When the race was won, everyone in good spirits but feeling hot and aching slightly, it was time to head back to a pub in Glebe for some soothing drinking (to replenish the fluids of course!).

This morning everyone was on the stiff side, a few stunning bruises were shown off. My arms don’t move like they used to, I can’t turn my head without wincing, the base of my right palm is incredibly tender and I keep wanting to stretch but painfully realising I can’t. All that said it was well worth it and I’m keen to do it again soon but maybe I’ll try and do some working out before hand.

My dreams are dashed of an F1 seat by the age of 30, to be the first female who got her driver’s licence and super-licence within one year before setting fastest laps on all the world circuits. I don’t really mind, I’ll find another dream.

3 comments to “wanted: tlc”
retoxed said on December 17th, 2004 at 8:40 am:

go niina go.
crash maiden

niina said on December 17th, 2004 at 8:26 pm:

It’s the Finnish in me 🙂

Wiseblood said on December 18th, 2004 at 5:49 pm:

Me, I just hope you finish (the race that is) next time ;-). Glad you had a grand (prix) day out.