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counting down (Saturday November 27th, 2004 - 14:30)

category: mmhuh?

Temperatures in Sydney are on the rise and the gigantic baubled tree has risen in Martin Place to spread the Christmas spirit.

This week I started at my new job in Glebe and I realised that since returning I haven’t been further up the Glebe Point Road than the markets. Next week I’ll start on some wanders further up to check out old haunts. Having the workplace situated near a big shopping centre and places like Gleebooks is going to be a bit of a test on spending but atleast it’s convenient in the lunch hour rather than rushing about on weekends. The distance to home has increased to approximately 25 minutes so I’ve been taking a bus there and walking home in the evenings when there’s no rush.

The heat’s left me a little flat so here ends this little entry.

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