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roll on 2005 (Monday October 25th, 2004 - 17:03)

category: mmhuh?

Kimi crossed the line in 2nd after a very nicely run race, just a breath away from winner Montoya who will be transferring over to McLaren next year to partner Kimi. I’ll try not to get too excited about the prospects for next year with those two challenging each other to push and push hard. I hope Mr Squarejaw-lovebucket finds himself a seat in another team and stays with F1 for a little longer.. I’ll miss his face.

Why do I always seem to own things that are slightly not standard? Ordering spare parts is quite often a run around chore (but the joy when the part is found, fitted and working is a little thrill). A friend removed the faulty jack from my bass guitar last week so now I’m trying to track down a suitable replacement – emailing pictures to spare parts stores – but it’s an old odd model so fingers crossed I can find an original somewhere rather than risk ordering an alternative that doesn’t fit/work. Apparently it’s something to do with mine having 3 pins intead of 2 but that’s all french to me.

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