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too lo-tech (Monday July 12th, 2004 - 22:24)

category: mmhuh?

I’ve just realised when I was stripping this little site down I took out the email address field from the comments box.. Hmm.. a job for the weekend: add an email address field so that I can try to set it up to automatically email my responses to people + add a web address field for anyone who feels like sharing their corner of the www.

And for the bathroom explanation – a few years ago people decided that the construction company cut corners putting my apartment block up. The construction company was sued for lots of money, the Office of Fair Trading coughed up a little, and all us landlords had to add to the kitty as well (grr).

They’ve been fixing the building for a year now and works are to continue until the end of 2004. Thankfully all the works are internal now so I don’t find myself wandering around sleepily in my pyjamas to notice work men floating outside my balcony on makeshift lifts (although I’ve once been caught in my pjs by the tiler – who decided that builders should work such stupidly early hours?!).

My bathroom was lacking a waterproofing membrane so the whole kit had to be taken out, tiles destroyed, membrane laid and now everything’s being put back together (thankfully I get new tiles and not some sort of mosaic effect). They’d better fix my leak while they’re at it!

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