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monday evening blurt (Monday June 21st, 2004 - 22:44)

category: mmhuh?

Morning began with my alarm bleeping me awake at 2.45am to drag my (depending on your locality) doona/duvet/bigwarmbedcovers, a pillow and myself to the couch to watch the Formula 1 from Indianapolis. While deciding my F1 obsession is somewhat ridiculous I watched the race disintegrate quickly in to smashes and crashes and injuries.

My little Kimi managed to keep clear of major dramas but endured technical problems yet again and had to make extra pit stops to keep his engine running. He had been in with a chance but in the later stage, due to the pit stops, Kimi was trundling in at the lower end of the points (that’s the top 8 for those who don’t follow the lovely sport). I remember 7 laps remaining and trying desperately to keep my eyes open, I blinked and re-opened my eyes but the TV was sideways, my head was resting on the pillow, and from beneath the rim of my Kimi cap I saw Mr M Schumacher on the podium with Barrichello and Sato on either side. Hmf.

Currently reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.

“Garden” update:
The peas have started forming and I’m not sure when to decide they’ve grown far enough. The peas emerge from little white flowers – maybe they’ll just pop out when they’re ready? 🙂

The basil has not grown taller than it’s 1cm height in weeks.

The carrots are bothering me. I shouldn’t have planted anything that grows underground because I have no idea when they’ll be ready to yank up. I’m tempted to dig down a little but maybe that’ll disturb the whole crop. Next time I’m only planting things that grow up.

Techie turn:
This little site should be getting an overhaul shortly. I’ve re-built it on my local machine several times in the last few weeks using other blog systems/cms (content management systems) but I’m still not overly convinced by them. The problems occur when I want to hack in to their skins and templates to enable me to lay them out how I want and allow me keep this written blog and my shots. I’m sure I’ll muddle my way through one of them to completion soon enough.

The reason to move away from movabletype? It creates flat files from the database so it’s slow and cumbersome. It’s also rather complex to tweak and doesn’t work well with my shots categories (I can get plugins but the cons outweigh the pros). I want a fully database driven system (which ironically is what I’d built for myself before I decided to give movabletype a turn). Soon soon.

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