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can sniff the winter (Monday May 24th, 2004 - 23:31)

category: mmhuh?

A hazy wishing-to-hibernate mood is settling in and I wish to write here but nothing particularly coherent or well contemplated has risen to the surface. Let the ramble roll…

The obligatory Formula 1 thought – my Kimi cap doesn’t appear to be bringing the magic that a few of us are clinging to in hope. However I’m pleased at Mr Trulli’s drive to disallow Mr M Schumacher from winning the first 6 races of the season (I believe Trulli would have won even if the aforementioned Schumacher hadn’t totalled his little red car).

I performed a good deed in the late hours of Saturday night when ploddering along my street I saw a swanky mobile phone on the footpath. From home I checked the last people contacted (about going out to a local club) which had only been 15 minutes previously. I sms-ed a few of them asking if they knew whose phone it was and one called back straight away. Being out nearby he jumped in a taxi and met outside my building to hand over the phone for him to take to the owner. What friends do.

Currently on page 292 out of 415 of Tom Robbins’ Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates. His flamboyant descriptions are becoming a little overwhelming and the storyline feels slower than the mind-spinning Skinny Legs and All. It is in no doubt a stunning style that Robbins’ has grasped but it’s tough reading and although I didn’t formally decide to do the 52-books-in-a-year this time around I do feel he’s holding me up (though I’ll hold no grudge). I will read it all however and had to restrain myself (for monetary reasons) from picking up another of his novels (about half the length!) at Borders on the weekend.

On Saturday morning I toured around the Photo Imaging World exhibition at Darling Harbour. Lacking knowledge on cameras had me shying away from talking to the exhibitors but I brought home a lot of brochures to devour.

A video presentation drew me towards the Nikon D2h but the $5k+ price tag is out of my range. Before the end of the year I’m determined to learn enough about digital SLR cameras to purchase one for my wee self.

I’m adoring Ben Kweller‘s new album, On My Way. I think even my ex-flatmate – who chided and made fun of my swooning over Mr Kweller a few years back – might enjoy it.

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