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tea for .. one (Thursday March 4th, 2004 - 22:57)

category: mmhuh?

Most days I swim in a coffee pool – whether it’s the loveliest latte or a good ol’ instant cup of convenience. Sometimes, more so in summer, I drink a drop of tea – no frills, no flavours, english breakfast is the choice. I need my coffee white and unsweetened; my tea black with a little sugar.

The last few days I’ve been keeling over with a flu-style bug and a dose of tonsilitis so today on recommendation I opted to down a few mugs of peppermint tea. I’d expected to feel ill (as when accidentally brewing a cup of black vanilla infused tea at work the other week instead of plain black tea) but instead the peppermint brought on a mildly pleasant dental-floss flavoured feeling. Now to see if it does the trick.

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