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model revived (Tuesday February 24th, 2004 - 22:08)

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Miss niina has revived her once blossoming modeling career after more than twenty years.

At a tender age niina was an up and coming swimsuit model featured in a local newspaper while growing up in the Sydney suburb of Northbridge, Australia*. Initially somewhat reluctant of the photographer’s vision – to be stood in a bathtub in a skimpy outfit – she enjoyed the experience however neglected to continue modeling when she became sidetracked by schooling and rock’n’roll.

We have managed to locate these exclusive images from one of those photo shoots (niina is the one with the bright white (oddly cut) hair and that very trendy early 80s full-piece)

swimsuit summer fun

swimsuit summer fun

Today she went back to her roots at an undisclosed location in Sydney. niina spent an hour at a photography studio as the subject for a camera lens: there were no skimpy swimsuits this time. I’m afraid [thankful – Ed] that next time you drive around town you won’t be seeing a billboard of a 10-times-lifesize niina, but somewhere out there will be posters featuring one of niina’s hands.

* okay, so she was hardly a swimsuit model – a photographer just wanted to capture the essence of the forth coming summer for the local paper.

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