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one perfect day (Thursday February 19th, 2004 - 21:49)

category: mmhuh?

I went to see One Perfect Day tonight at Hoyts on George Street.

Before hand I wondered: has George Street always smelt so strongly of piss and puke at only 7pm on a Thursday night? And I know that that particular Hoyts has never wrapped us up in a perfume cloud but surely with the makeover it received a few years ago it should smell atleast a little better, not worse, than it used to.

Thankfully the movie allowed me to forget whatever it was that was hanging in the air.

One Perfect Day is an aural blast of doof doof from a human and ingenious angle. It’s a tale of love lost, love found, chances taken, directions found.

Set in London and Melbourne, Tommy’s on the search for sounds, hearing music where no one else seems to notice it. His unexpected return to Australia sees him learn the way of the decks and he spins his way through to understanding.

The soundtrack is stunning and had my foot tapping; I wanted a chupa chup in my mouth and a glow stick in my hand. The film isn’t without it’s emotional dips and on that opposite side the downward spirals are a tear jerker, struggling for reason when there is none.

It’s not my usual sort of movie but well done to the team behind it because it absolutely got me.

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