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slow down, you’re moving too fast (Wednesday February 4th, 2004 - 23:12)

category: mmhuh?

Eeps.. seems my adsl is ready to hop on but I’ve been too busy to research what sort of modem/router I want to buy. Well done to Internode for their prompt lovely service so far! Not bad considering I put the order in last Thursday! Hopefully I’ll find myself a modem tomorrow.

Forgot to note that last week I started on a two month contract at an ad/web agency in Surry Hills – a 12 or so minute walk from my place – thus the additional lack of time. It’s good to be able to hurry back home for lunch to do a bit more cleaning and re-organising and listening to cds I’d forgotten I’d owned (the Pogues, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, the Clash have been playing over the last few days but I’m currently missing my Mary Chain albums (though I’ve now been reunited with their singles and oddities), Tom Waits, Jonathan Richman and tompaulin). I still have heaps of things to sort through, clothes to wash, etc etc etc…. and no doubt as soon as that’s all done my 10 boxes from London will arrive.

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