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mosh photo shoot [10 pics] (Monday January 26th, 2004)

category: animals

One day in 1994 my mother and I headed off to the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to find our family a dog. We came home with Mosh – an apparently two year old skittish, slightly long haired cat. In 1999 my mother moved to an apartment so Mosh was adopted by my father and now at 12-14 years of age she’s still in the family, doesn’t appear to notice her age, but is much more receptive to strangers.

She begged me for a photo shoot this afternoon…

“ooh photo shoot time. check out my alert look!”

mosh alert

“how about my slightly hungover look?”

mosh partied out

“which is better — my left side?”

mosh left side

“or my right?”

mosh right side

“i’m trying to look really thoughful, is it working?”

mosh thoughtful

“close up please. sexy and sultry… prrrr! meeeow!”

mosh sexy

“that’s enough now niina. i’m bored.”

mosh bored

“i said that’s enough. i’m tired. i’m falling asleep.”

mosh sleepy

“i’m closing one eye now. the other’s going to close soon. no more photos. let a cat sleep in peace.”

mosh sleepy wink

“i heard the shutter go. i’m sleeping, can’t you see! now go away.”

mosh sleeping

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