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sunday (Sunday January 18th, 2004 - 22:40)

category: mmhuh?

On a city wander this afternoon I looked up while walking through the galeries victoria (between george and pitt st) to see a banner with the words kinokuniya and books. On my way to the 2nd level I bumped in to the do not tumble dry – message may fade exhibition space full of tshirts by artists, designers, writers and musicians and poked my nose around in there for a bit.

After that little detour I made my way to kinokuniya to find a very large, well laid out bookshop. Their literary fiction section was much bigger than I’ve found in other stores so far and I managed to find 5 Richard Brautigan books! However, I’d already bought a book earlier and couldn’t remember off the top of my head the titles I’d been recommended some months prior by mr bitpartsuperstar so I resisted temptation and left the books there for my next visit.

Later on I went to meet up with a few friends who play footba… sorry… soccer on sunday afternoons. I sat out by the sidelines for the first half trying to understand what rules were being followed (offside? naaah) and determining how heavy handed the play might be. With some persistance from daniel at half time, I joined in for the second half giving the ball a kick a couple of times (once in the direction I wanted it to go in!) but mostly having the luxury of standing around watching the play happening at the other end of the field. I’d forgotten the strange fear that a soccer ball releases when it’s flying at fast speeds straight at me. It’ll pass 🙂 Next time I’ll have no fear!

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