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u r a hik (sic) (Tuesday January 13th, 2004 - 23:22)

category: mmhuh?

A little past the half way point of Haruki Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance and I’m gently being tickled by various aspects of the book.

  • though I don’t know if it’s technically a literary device or not, he has named one of his characters – a once famous novelist – Hiraku Makimura. A nice little anagram that I didn’t pick up on until I’d read the name several times.
  • there are these little diagrams of dance steps that have appeared on three occasions so far – once at the bottom of a right hand side page, once at the top of a left hand side page, and once at the top of a right hand page. I’m left wondering if there are more dance steps to come..
  • and lastly, the top third of the first page of each chapter is blank to provide space for the chapter number however I soon noticed that the way the chapter number was displayed was inconsistent.

    Chapter 1 has 1 in the center of the blank space with an underline below it. In Chapter 2, the 2 and it’s underline have moved to the left hand side of the page. Chapter 3 finds the 3 on the right hand side with an overline instead of an underline. At the start of each chapter the number and the line have moved again to a seemingly random location. Sometimes the line even appears at a diagonal. I guess the numbers are dancing.

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