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fear of jet planes (Thursday September 18th, 2003 - 12:30)

category: mmhuh?

I was standing in the back yard just now contemplating how I installed OpenOffice on my laptop last night. It’s a suite of software including a word processor and spreadsheet which is a free opensource alternative to Microsoft Word. I only gave the word processor a little whirl last night but it worked well and I’m happy to have finally checked out what the fuss has been about on several mailing lists I’m on.

More thoughts on it later when I run it through it’s paces.

But as I was standing in the back yard quietly contemplating, the unmistakeable sound of an air force jet filled my ears, I looked up and a few seconds later there was the grey arrow with wings hurtling through the low London skies above my head, hurriedly heading towards Canary Wharf.

I haven’t seen that happen before – I’ve seen the red arrows fly in formation over our house a few times for presentation purposes but never a lone jet. And stupidly it does send shivers up my spine. It does send me to my room to check the BBCnews.

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