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cobbler’s shoes (Thursday September 18th, 2003 - 00:45)

category: mmhuh?

i’m jealous. dan (sumption) has fitted his site up with the (lovely) Movable Type and dan (waferbaby) has put up the site rebuild and it’s looking mighty fine already!

me, i’m stuck with my badly coded jumble of an experiment. as the company i worked for in sydney used to have as it’s home page – “the cobbler’s children are the last to have shoes”, in this case it’s the cobbler herself.

ambling along helping people out here and there with web sites. last week put up the christmas menu for a local restaurant. currently working on 4 different sites all at various degrees of completion – a rebuild; a quiz; an html version of a flash site; a band site. starting on another band site next week as well!

Sister Vanilla are playing at the Water Rats in Kings Cross next Tuesday with another band I really like, Camera Obscura. A couple of other gigs are lined up for October which will hopefully be announced soon.

My laptop’s running well now and it’s nice to be able to lie in bed typing up things at the end of a night. Having sat up all day, I find it much more comfortable to write propped up with some pillows, warm under the covers.

Despite it warming up the last few days, it’s starting to get too cold to go bare foot out to the back yard late at night to stare at the sky.

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