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blurt (Monday September 15th, 2003 - 09:14)

category: mmhuh?

this’ll have to be a blurt.

my house mate got our house a Netgear DG814 which is now happily running out network and internet connection. No more sleepless nights with my PC glowing and humming in the corner to provide internet access to my house mate’s PC.

I also blatted my laptop and although I’ve not finished setting it up yet, I’ve now got internet access while sitting in bed. What a stupid luxury.

Kimi Raikkonen came in 4th in Monza but he’s still got my hopes for winning. And if Kimi can’t do it, then I pass my hopes on to Juan Pablo Montoya. Indianapolis in 2 weeks…

Following on from my most famous cabs in the world… post on the 1st of September, I tore the following short article out of the Metro on the 5th of September:

Black cabs show their colours in US

London black cabs hit US streets this week – but they will have to be painted yellow to take fares. At least 125 have been sold to taxi firms and private buyers but US entrepreneur Larry Smith, who fell in love with them while on holiday in England, aims to have 3,000 on the road within four years. One taxi firm boss, who has ordered two, said: ‘The London taxi has an aura about it.’

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