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days fly by.. (Tuesday August 19th, 2003 - 22:31)

category: mmhuh?

plenty of working but here’s the other bits over the last week..

monday – went to see Brett Smiley at the Garage despite not knowing who or what he was, but a friend of a friend was djing and i had to get out of the house despite the heat.

tuesday – the weather let off a little. started playing with some music software called Remix – lots of little bleepy bloopy loops are now happily filling up a corner of my hard drive.

wednesday – meeting in the morning in Mudchute which gave me a chance to take some nice shots and in the evening i went along to Dorkbotpeople doing strange things with electricity. fascinatingly weird presentations of digital art, cuckoo clocks connected to mobile phones, biofeedback items etc.

found a program called Tu2 which has a great 8 channel drum computer in the freeware mode so more dumdumcha noises on the hard drive.

thursday – decided to start getting annoyed with the tax refund company after i spoke to the guy there and he started getting annoyed with me for asking what was going on. picked up on a few more lies being thrown at me so I spent an hour compiling a 5 page letter – 2 pages outlining all previous communication (or attempts at), and 3 pages of emails. faxed it and emailed it to the director.

friday – received a call from the director of the tax refund company who stirred me up some more by spending ages complaining about the inland revenue (i know they’re slow, i didn’t need to be told that). he then allowed me to realise i’d been misled by their advertising while offering me a discount on the commission which was higher than what i had been expecting to pay in the first place. spent some time looking at the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards Net websites realising that they are probably in breach of standards. emailed the director asking if he’d checked on the validity of his advertising with them but haven’t heard back.

saturday – lazy guardian reading

sunday – lazy stuff and then an evening of drinking in Finsbury Park and got dozens of nice shots in the pub and the cab afterwards.

monday – nothing exciting apart from work

tuesdayespresso stories went live. it’s a little project dreamt up and designed by chris worth and I’ve spent a good part of the last two weeks creating it’s database and programming it to work. it’s just having a gentle launch at the moment to see what the reaction is and there’ll be little additions soon as we gauge feedback. to celebrate, i’m having a big glass of orange juice.

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