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flavour of the day (Thursday August 7th, 2003 - 21:56)

category: mmhuh?

It’s been a little cooler today and the BBC have revised their 5 day forecast only predicting 31 and 32 for the weekend.

Programming during the day is difficult because my mind is going mushy so I’ve been doing the bare minimum and doing the programming at night.

Upgraded to a beta of Eudora 6 and so far it seems to have ironed out the quirks of 5.2 that had been annoying me for ages. If all goes well then I may consider paying for a subscription. I’ve been using Eudora for home email since I first found myself on the internet and, although these days it’s mail filing ability lacks a little ease compared to [cough] Outlook, it’s still a damn fine product and I’m proud to use it.

To cool down this evening I got a bowl, put some strawberry yoghurt in it, then some vanilla ice cream, and then shovelled it in to my mouth. Mmm. That’s my flavour of the day.

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