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and even hotter still (Wednesday August 6th, 2003 - 16:55)

category: mmhuh?

At 4.30pm I took the themometer outside in to the back garden and it rose rapidly to 36 degrees. My housemate came home and said that the tube is having delays due to emergency alarms being constantly pulled for offloading fainting passengers. [just looking at the site now there are delays listed on all lines – I’ve never seen so many delays listed].

For a change my room feels a little cooler than the outside world but it’s still incredibly hot. Although working in an office may provide air conditioning, atleast by working from home I have the chance to stick my head under a cold tap every 15 minutes without anyone looking at me strangely.

BBC weather predicts 36 degrees for Saturday (today’s prediction was 34). argle!

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