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oh so cultured (Monday June 23rd, 2003 - 22:24)

category: mmhuh?

friday night i went to the opening of Type 36, an exhibition a friend of mine has a painting in, at the Type Museum. It consisted of works by 1st and 2nd year Fine Art BA students and Postgraduates.

Then for a little wander to a pub near Clapham Common for a refreshing lemonade in the evening mugginess.

Saturday it was off to the Buffalo Bar in Highbury and Islington. Missed seeing Adrian Teenbeat unfortunately but checked out the Sinisters (seen them a few times now and I really like their pop-y thing), Partition, and Ricky Spontane.

Sunday was a wander around Crouch End and over to Alexandra Palace where the BBC first broadcast high definition tv. A bit of a glance around a murky London trying to pin point where my house might lie while eating ice cream. Circled around a pond where people were rowing about and then a wander through residential streets in Muswell Hill.

A visit to a fantastic Oneill’s pub in a converted church – the stain glass windows were still in place and the room felt slightly eerie. A massive toucan hung from the ceiling and some more had their beaks protruding from a wall as if in a rush for guinness. We sat on comfortable couches, ate some food, drank a little beer and lemonade and relaxed.

A migraine had hit earlier in the day and it finally knocked me out at 10.30pm, lights on, fully clothed. Didn’t get out of bed until 10am but my head felt better. A few hours later the migraine was back, not quite as intense but it’s been steadily bugging me for about 10 hours now. Hmf.

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