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flatmate found (Thursday June 19th, 2003 - 00:10)

category: mmhuh?

long but good day.

last night decided for a quick flick of the channels having a very late dinner and stumbled on a tv show called ‘classic albums’. saw one on Lou Reed’s ‘Transformer’ last week which kept me up late, loving little clips of Andy Warhol and the Factory and hearing about the making of the album. last night it was the Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’. Not quite as good as the Lou Reed one but it still kept me up til around 2am.

fell asleep around 3am and up again at 7.30am. a small cheque arrived with the post at 9am and i had a few good emails come in. plodded on with work and at 6pm got a phone call from someone wanting to see the room we’ve got available.

took a few pictures in the garden. tried to get some of a brilliant shiny green insect that was about 1cm long rested on a white petal but my camera finds it hard to focus too close up on tiny things. the flowers kept blowing around in the wind (yes, it’s finally cooled down a little!) but i managed to get a few nice shots.

did a little more work and she arrived at 8pm, we showed her around the house and had a chat. she said she was definitely interested but wanted to have a little think about it and then she called around 9.30pm to say she’d like to move in.

she’s moving in on saturday week and i think it’ll be nice having a girl around the place again.

messing around with a site for the last few hours and now it’s about time to drift off. my eyes have got a fuzzy thing going on and i’m slouched down low in my chair.

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