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copy control (Tuesday June 10th, 2003 - 11:26)

category: mmhuh?

a very interesting post on waferbaby has got me mighty annoyed — trumpets here.

it seems the new radiohead album (atleast it’s australian release) contains small ticking noises when copied to MP3 as a form of copyright control to stop pirating. i’ve read about copyright control before and know that it’s going on in some forms but from Dan’s post I hopped over to EMI and found the following:

Will I still be able to make analogue copies of copy protected CDs?
This technology only prevents digital copying.

And I thought “what about minidisc!?”. I read through a few of the posts on waferbaby and sure enough, copying the album to Minidisc you get those little noises.

How ridiculous! Wider use of this technology will stop people being able to use their minidiscs, ipods, and various other portable mp3 players that they’d like to listen to their favourite tunes on.

I really wish the record companies would catch up! People will buy the tunes if they’re at a reasonable price and delivered in a format that suits their various needs. Do a bit more restructuring and realise that throwing millions upon millions at a few bands isn’t going to keep you alive. There’s so much more going on in music now that is accessible due to the internet – turn on, tap in and get on with it.

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