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tanning nicely (Sunday June 8th, 2003 - 12:32)

category: mmhuh?

busy few days. working a lot. went to a new business meeting on thursday in Walthamstow which went well. on the way home i walked past a little milk truck debot and had to snap a few photos.

friday was manic with various bits of work and an electrician came over to replace the fusebox which took two hours so i spent that time reading.

saturday spontaneously decided to go for a 3 hour walk through epping forest with Steve initally just to look around the pond I’d been to before. we walked and kept walking and i wanted to go further through epping forest because i knew it went on for miles and so we just kept walking and walking. it was a very pleasantly warm day and we took a breather sitting in an opening near Woodford Green and then set off again bumping in to a golf course where we thought there would be more forest. we walked along the road for a while to see how big the golf course was, took a left at a roundabout deciding we should catch a bus homewards and found ourselves in Chingford with a welcoming pub for thirsty throats and weary feet.

The Prince of Wales had a lovely huge beer garden with a few scattered tables and lots of lawn for a few little kids to run around in. While inside the punters watched the ends of the Scotland v Germany football match, we sat in the sun relaxing.

I picked up Steve’s sunglasses and took a few photos of the sky through the tinted lenses, then snapped a few through a pint of beer.

After whiling away two hours we took a bus to Walthamstow and from there another to my place.

Although where we ended up was only about 4.5 miles as the crow flies from my place, it felt other worldly. The people we spoke to were very helpful, the forests were peaceful, the beer was cheap, the roads less cluttered, people less hurried, and sitting in that beer garden with the sun streaming down it felt like the perfect mini holiday for a saturday afternoon.

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